Daniela Rouskova

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Daniela currently serves as the Vice President of the Chapter and has been a member of the national organization since 2013.  Daniela is a dynamic and high performing marketing professional with 10 years of cross-functional leadership in consumer goods sector. Daniela received her Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in Integrated Marketing Communications and her MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Suffolk University.

During her career she worked for Ogilvy and Nestle S.A. holding senior level management positions, overseeing sizable teams, and managing six figure budgets. Daniela has an entrepreneurial leadership style, experience in strategic planning, business development, sales and marketing. She speaks five languages and has extensive international experience.

At her most recent position at Coca-Cola North America Daniela managed Glaceau’s 2 billion dollar brands: Vitaminwater and Smartwater.  Daniela was the relationship manager for retail giants such as Target and Walmart, continuously innovating to maintain leadership in the category resulting in annual increased market share by 5% and total U.S. sales by 7%.  As the is the Vice President of MBA Women Boston, Daniela works continuously on extending the reach of the Chapter to engage members and supporters to empower and support women to leadership positions.