MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE is responsible for all aspects of membership-related activities and partners with other committees to accomplish it’s goals.  Activities include: membership drives, welcome emails and packets to new members, recruit new and engage existing members, solicit member feedback, seeks new opportunities to promote membership, budget for new member activities. Maintain membership data such as renewal or non-renewal information.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for creating marketing and communications campaigns including: collateral materials, event planning, maintaining websites, social media outlets, press & media activities.  Develop marketing & communications plans with measurable goals and objectives. The Committee is also responsible for submitting annual budget for marketing & communications initiatives and activities.

PROGRAMING COMMITTEE is responsible for planning and executing Chapter events including: submit annual budget and proposal of events and programming activities.  Other activities include: recruiting committee volunteers, securing venues and speakers, budgets, food and beverage, debrief of events, partners with the appropriate committees to execute events and solicit feedback.

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE is responsible for activities related to the fundraising and development needs of our organization.  The Development committee collaborates committees on developing and implementing development strategies and events.  The Development Committee also cultivates, partners, and maintains strong relationships with area media, government, community leaders, and other professional affinity organizations in order to extend the reach of the MBA Women Boston and it’s mission.


Whether you are a social media maven, passionate about business, innovation, (or the occasional blogger), we have a place for you at the table!  Contact us to learn more!