Are you intimidated by networking? Remember these 4 fundamentals of Networking 101

Here’s an excerpt from this article, published by our very own, Ellen Keiley, President of the Boston Chapter of NAWMBA.


A good, powerful network opens doors. From securing coveted concert tickets to securing a job, your network can help. Networking opportunities exist everywhere you go, from taking the kids to the playground to hanging around the office, so always have your antenna up.

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, be yourself, be positive, be approachable, and make a conscious effort to meet more people. You’ll open yourself up to opportunities that otherwise may not have existed. Here are four fundamentals to keep in mind if you find the idea of networking to be intimidating or overwhelming…


You Gotta Network to Get Work

Networking is important for so many reasons. According to US Dept of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. Resumes can go into a black hole, and it is a very competitive market. Rather than simply taking the traditional route of submitting your resume and hoping for the best, be proactive.

If there is an organization you would like to interview with, search LinkedIn for connections that can help you. If you have a good network, chances are you will either know someone within the company to get you in the door, or you may know someone that knows someone within the company that can pass on your resume. Then as you get further into the interview process, reach out to your network for recommendations.



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